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EXTOOLS®pro is the "universal tool" for such safety officers, experts and technical consultants, who must deal extensively with the topic of explosion prevention and protection. It is based on EN, IEC, ISO Standards, VDI Guidelines and VDI Reports, research work, theses, publications and technical books.

EXTOOLS®pro is separated in seven categories: “Fuel”, “Explosive Atmospheres”, “Ignition Hazards”, “Protective Systems”, “Equipment”, “Volumes and Surfaces” and “Miscellaneous”.

With this tool the explosion prevention and, for the most part, the explosion protection can be analyzed in detail. It is possible to evaluate the ignition and explosive behavior of fuels in order to estimate the explosive atmosphere. Based on this knowledge the preventive measures can be defined in order to calculate device resistance, volumes and surfaces as well as to determine various device related parameters.

EXTOOLS®pro runs on all modern Windows® 7 or higher.

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